T-Tex All-American Two-Piece Small 2-Star Ear Tags - 7500


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Y-TEX All-American 2-Piece tags come in 8 different styles and sizes and are available in up to 11 colors. The tags are made of an advanced polyurethane formulation and are engineered to prevent cracking, remain flexible and provide excellent longevity. The All-American ear tag design features a patented Snap-Lok collar for superior retention, a longer neck for greater visibility and ultraviolet inhibitors to resist fading. Available as standard or tamper-proof; blank, hot stamped or laser printed.

  • For cows, calves, and sheep.
  • These tags can be applied with the Ultra Tagger Plus or Ultra Tagger Compact Applicator.
  • This item consists of 25 tags and 25 buttons.
  • Custom printing is available.

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for special order and out of stock items.


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