Women's Twisted X Top Hand NWS Toe 11" Pull On Boot - WTH0008

Twisted X

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Top hand is our newest Cowboy, Cowgirl, and Cowkid category. As usual we haven't sacrifieced anything in quality, fit, or durability. The fit is consistent with all other Twisted X Boots and our Cowboy Comfort package isn't altered. Top Hand is a lighter weight version of our Silver Buckle Boots and we didn't have to give up the midsole, an important component for riding boots, to achieve our goal. Our proven Air Mesh lining, used in our other Red Buckle categories, makes this category more breathable than traditional leather linings found in higher priced boots. These boots are designed for the stirrup and spur; these are Cowboy Boots.

  • SD Footbed - Moisture wicking, antibacterial and machine washable
  • XSD Insole - Patent pending one-piece insole with injected composite X shank for maximum stability
  • Midsole - Rubber midsole
  • 50K Outsole - Genuine LW super slab rubber
  • 11" Brown / Turquoise

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